Seeking automation consultant to help create a proof-of-concept (Hiptest/Cucumber/Java/Selenium)


I’m trying to get approval at my organization to start a HipTest Pro plan. There is a lot of people in my organization who are advocating for TestRail over Hiptest - mostly because it’s been around for longer and it’s an interface they are more comfortable.

TestRail is just fine for documenting traditional manual test cases. It does not provide native support for BDD which is something I’m advocating hard for us to adopt. It doesn’t integrate easily with automation. I am pushing hard for HipTest because it integrates the entire requirement to automation to living documentation lifecycle and that I am trying to steer us in.

It would help me to build my case if I could demonstrate with a prototype of a simple scenario that exercises our product (e.g. log in) from Jira to HipTest with is automated in the framework that I’d like to build (Cucumber/Java/Selenium) and integrated with Jenkins. Problem is that I don’t have a working Cucumber/Java/Selenium framework, and my staff doesn’t have the bandwidth or skills to create one at this time.

I got verbal approval today to hire a consultant to help me stand this proof-of-concept. If all goes well - I may be able to get approval to extend it beyond the proof of concept stage and help us kick off our automation strategy. If you are interested or know of anyone who might be, please send them my way. I’m keen on moving quickly on this.


Thanks for reaching out. Indeed Hiptest has been designed for agile and DevOps teams seeking to automate and use BDD. We have many teams that migrate from TestRail to Hiptest. We’ll get back to you directly by email.


I actually was able to get a proof of concept up and running using your tutorials and example projects as a model, but could use some additional help/guidance.

Looking forward to discusssing further.