Set action word creation as default in non-BDD mode


When using non-BDD mode and writing a scenario, as I enter a test step, the default action is “Create action”. It would seem better for the default to be “Create action word”, especially as this is the case in BDD mode. Is it possible to make these consistent or at least have a setting which allows the user to choose the default action.


Hi Jim,

Combining the two modes in the same project is not a practice that we recommend, because we can forget to disable or enable the desired mode.

However, you are not the only user to do this :slight_smile:

Here is a short recording that illustrates some of the differences between the two modes: BDD and Test Agile Management.

Hope this meets your expectations.



Hi @houda

Thanks for your reply. Sorry, I think my question was unclear so let me explain again.
When I add a step to a test in BDD mode, there is only one option which is “create action word”:

When I add a test step in non-BDD mode there are 3 options which are “create action word”, “create result” and “create action”. The “create action” option is selected by default which means I have to manually change it to “create action word”.

My suggestion is that “create action word” should be the default.



HI Jim,

Thanks for this suggestion but we can’t take it into consideration because we have set up “create action” by default in this order of suggestion, in order to invite our users to distinguish the two project modes (BDD and Test Agile Management) :slightly_smiling_face:



@houda Thank you for the explanation