Setup Steps not appearing in Test Steps through hiptest-publisher


I have a Setup step defined in a folder, with scenarios in that folder that rely on this single setup step rather than having to redefine it in each individual scenario.

If I “View Tests” for this scenario, the Setup step appears without issue.
If I create a test run, the Setup step appears without issue.

However, when I use hiptest-publisher to create the tests, the Setup setup step does not appear in the test file that is generated.

I have tried using a configuration file, as well as just using command line parameters.
I have also tried creating the tests from a test run.



In which programming languagues/framework of test did you export your project?

Can you send us your config file by email ( please?

Thanks in advance.



Hi Houda,

This is using Python / Unittest.

I just sent the contents of my config file by email with the subject being the title of this post.

Excluding the token, the Config file is as follows:

language = python
framework = unittest
output_directory = ‘./’
site =



Yes we received it, thank you!

We’ll answer your by email :slightly_smiling_face:



As per response in email, using the with_folders = true option in the config file provided a resolution


Hi again @ccebula,

I forgot to give you an explanation on this parameter: with_folders = true

The Setup is specific to a folder, when you create one it applies to the whole folder concerned.

Not adding this parameter (or leaving it at false: with_folders = false), gets your project back but not the initial tree structure => result: the hiptest-publisher system does not understand where to insert the Setup.

Hope this helps!