Share action words between projects


Hi !

I follow this ticket for a long time, because it’s a great update !

Do you have some visibility when this update is released ?
It will give us a better productivity to référence generic actions words (like third part context), to access them in all our projects (and update all project in one time …)

Thanks a lot for your feedback.



Hello @e.leconte,
This is work in progress, there will be a beta version of this feature by mid-September.
Also, we are working with some interested customers to drive the development of this feature and would appreciate if you can be one of them.
We regularly organize meetings to demonstrate the workflow.
Just let me know and I will add you to the list.
Kind regards,


Hi !

Thanks for your feedback.

I will be interesting to help you for this fuctionnality. Notice that my english is very poor :slight_smile:


Hi !

I see in Roadmap that a beta version si done on demand : Can I test this feature ?

Thanks !

Best regards,
Eric Leconte.