Share how you use the New Manual Execution Cycle


I’d love to hear from others about how you’re using the new execution cycle feature.

I’ve been running manual tests using it and have found a few quirks–like the order of the tests pulled from a datatable is reversed (a little confusing).

Also, I’m the only tester at my company and would love to hear from some more experienced people about best processes for handling bug validations within an execution cycle.


hey, I don’t use it tbh,
mainly we just assign a status to the scenario. Can’t see what I can get by using Manual execution cycle



The new manual execution cycle window is supposed to improve the workflow by making it easier and more focused. It also allows you to execute the tests in order (the tests generated by the datable should not be reversed, I will trace the bug. Thank you for this feedback), to pause the execution and resume it at any moment without closing a build.

All features are described here:
and should evolve in a short time!

If you have any suggestions, I’ll be happy to hear them!