Shared datatables


We have several scenarios that need to share a common datatable that will be changing over time. We don’t see a way to do this in the web UI without duplicating the data across scenarios nor do we see a way to add a datatable inside action words.

For example, we want a datatable of various email addresses to test across different scenarios… logging in, creating a contact, sending a message, etc. We don’t want each scenario to duplicate this list and we want to be able to add/remove to it over time and have all tests react accordingly.

How should we go about sharing common datatables across scenarios?


Hi, can you show examples of scenarios where you use datatables?


A basic example would be a shared datatable for 3 scenarios:

  • Create account
  • Login account
  • Delete account

I would define my account tests with a single shared datatable (usernames, email addresses, passwords, security questions) that would be used initially to create accounts but reused later to login/delete those accounts.

Let’s say we get our basic scenarios defined and later we want to introduce a change to our system where we don’t allow to be used in our create/login process… changing that in one place would prevent us from hunting through different scenarios to change copied datatables


We are working on a new datatable system and your request definitely make sense for us.
And good news this is part of our road map concerning the datatable system.
Have a nice day


Do we have some news on this one? I’m facing the same problem

Thanks =)