Should manual tests show the sub actions of an action words

When I am executing a test manually during a manual execution cycle, I would like to see not just the Action Word but also the full definition of the action word - so that I know how to actually execute the action word manually. This doesn’t appear to happen, I only see the topmost level action word. Is this by design or am I doing something wrong?

Hi Tim,

Normally, in the test run you should see the interpreted version of the scenario and this should include the steps inside the called action word.
It is the same view than you see in the “View tests” when editing a Scenario.

Normally, inside a test run, the only case in which you see the action word name is when this one does not have any content.

Could you please copy/paste some screen shots of a scenario, the output shown in the test run/execution phase and eventually the action words used ?

OK, thanks. I think the problem was that I was seeing out-of-date data for the test. I needed to press the synchronise button for the test run. I guess my intuition was that changing a test case would be immediately reflected in the test run - but I can understand why doing that could be quite unhelpful in practice.

Indeed, the tests in the test run needs to be synchronised to get the latest of the scenarios.

This ensures that you can still work on the scenarios without messing the work of the QA team doing manual testing for example :slight_smile: