Show status report of all scenarios


The context is: I am manually executing scenarios in test runs. I re run them in every cycle that need to be done.
I want to be able to see a “photo” of all scenarios status, this is, if they have failed in the last test run they were run. This gives me and my team an overview of the application status.

Anyone knows how can I do it, or a workaround?



Unfortunately at this time, you can just visualize the date and number of tests by status in older execution cycles. Also, you have the possibility to download manually the spreadsheet of Test run after each cycle here:

In parallel, we have added this feature request in our backlog, you find a card in our Trello board here which suggests to get the history of a previous test run execution/build or of removed tests. Please upvote for it to increase its priority.

Hope this meets to your expectations.