Suggestions for datas management in Hiptest



I would like to suggest two ideas concerning the management of datas in hiptest:

  • It could be interesting to be able to manage the scenario data independently. The goal would be to be able to modify some data values ​​in one place to impact several scenarios.
    Example: Use a reusable generic datatable in several scenarios.

  • It would also be interesting to have the possibility to choose values ​​in list form. Today, we can put only one default value in a step. If we could specify several possible values ​​we could:
    when creating the scenario, add an existing step and simply choose from the list the value that interests us.
    Example: Given a “user” on the application (user parametre value = Administrator;Reader"
    When we add the step in the scenario, the default value will be “Administrator” but we could click on “Administrator” and choose the value “reader” in a list.

Thank you for your reply

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Hello @external.z28lpeti,

Thanks for your suggestions :+1:t4:

For the first proposition about a shared datatable across scenarios of a project, this idea makes sens.

For the second proposition about a proposed list form of a datatable’s datasetname (column): our team has added a feature request relative to develop the aka Datatable to support multiple examples in our backlog.

You can find the related Trello here, please upvote for it to increase it priority in our production.

This feature request mentioned above which is a future improvement of the Datatable can be a good basis for your second suggestion.

So, we’ll propose these to our PO during our next product meeting :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you again for these good ideas :raised_hands:t4: