Tagging test runs to releases



We have JIRA for user story management and JENKINS for build management. I have built automation test suite driven by hiptest. Now in JIRA we have stories marked with release name. For every release we would like to run items that are marked for the release and report. How can I integrate this flow with hiptest, where I can run tests of a story tagged for a release.


how do you exactly relate release name with stories?
I would go with the following

  • make sure scenarios are linked with hiptest with https://docs.hiptest.net/integrate-with-jira/
  • create test run based on tags, like JIRA-KEY-1111
  • pull this test run with hiptest-publisher on you jenkins
  • execute pulled scenarios
  • push report to test run on hiptest

In practical it much more complicated that it sounds :slight_smile:
it would be much more simple when guys will implement creation of test run with API - then test runs can be created in your CI flow, without additional manual work :slight_smile:


Hi @tikolakin , thanks for the response.
We associate release names using “fix version” value in JIRA.

If i create 1 test run for every release, i will endup with as many jenkins projects.
as we have jenkins publishing CI run results back to hiptest based on testrun id, is there a possibility to use same JENKINS job for executing and publishing results back to hiptest for different test runs.


Hi @vaddanki
It took me a while to get back to forum :slight_smile:

I strongly not recommend creating a jenkins job for a hiptest test run
but opposite to it you should use Jenkins to test execution, as you said exactly.
I would suggest having a parametrized Jenkins job that

  • takes test run id as parameter
  • pull that test run
  • execute it’s test
  • push reports back to hiptest for that test run