Take a long time for a folder to update


The Problem:
As a QA, when opening a new project (from today - 22.04.2018) and adding multiple scenarios to it, I can see the changes only after very long time (like a 1 minute)


  1. Login to Hiptest
  2. Create a project
  3. create a folder
  4. add 9 scenarios to it
  5. wait
  6. go back to folder
  7. add 3 more scenarios to it
  8. go back to folder

can access only the first 9 scenarios.

access all scenerios


  1. no errors in console
  2. refresh page (F5) do not help
  3. This is started from the new design change hit-test did , 18-22.04.2018

Wait a long time (like 1 minute).



Thank you for your report.
Do you still encounter that issue right now?
Actually we can not reproduce it on our own.

How do you create your scenarios? Do you use .feature import? Do you move some scenarios from one folder to another one? Do you create them directly using the “create” button?