Test Case Numbering


Is it possible to have a serial numbering for test cases/scenarios? This will make it possible to look up a particular test case.
A test case number should probably be per project and follow the test case from scenario creation to test run.

When the test case is clone to another project, the numbering should be changed to reflect the new project and also an option for the user to be able to add key to the serial numbers, something like

  • ATC001
  • ATC002
  • ATC003
    where ATC is related to project no or project key.


Hi @adeoyed,

Can you give us more details about your need please?

Thanks in advance.



At the moment the test cases/scenarios have o serial number.
It would be nice if there is a system generated number for test cases/scenarios and the user have the ability to decide on the prefix to the numbering


Thanks for this explanation.

I’ll suggest this feature to our PO in our next product meeting :slight_smile:

Unfortunately at this time you can just use tags for this handling, that’s the only workaround that we can propose you.

Thanks for your understanding!