Test creation - No place to add the expected behavior


Hi! im creating a test case, and im not being able to see where i can enter my expected behavior for each step.

Can someone please help me?



HI @camila,

I don’t really understand how you create your test case: do you simply create your scenario with the desired steps?

If so, what do you mean by “enter my expected behavior for each step”?

Maybe screenshots or more details can help me to better understand :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks in advance!



Hi Houda,

When creating scenarios, i wasnt able to find where i was supposed to enter the expected behavior for each step.

Action = Click the link
Result = URL is opened in browser.

I have managed to figure out how to di this now.

When creating scenarios, if you click on the “action” link for each step, it changes into “result”.

Thanks for the support!


Great :+1:t4:

Also, if you want to write your scenario in Gherkin, you must to enable the BDD mode from your “Project settings”: