Test editor keyboard shortcuts


Is there any resources on keyboard shortcuts available when writing tests ?
This would vbe useful to increase productivity while writing tests.

Usually those are availalbe using ctrl + / or Ctrl + ?

I’m almost sure I could insert a step below the one i’m writing using only keyboard but I cannot find it anymore.
Thanks a bunch!


Hi Rémi,

So we don’t have keyboard shortcuts for the editor of a scenario.

However, once you have written your step, you press Enter and proceed to the next line as shown here.

Hope this helps you :slight_smile:



Yes got this one thanks !

After using the app a bit more I’de say the most important shortcuts would be on the test run itself:

  • Go to next/previous step with right/left arrow
  • Set a test as passed or failed with a shortcut

Keyboard shortcuts for the azure Test plan are kinda well made



Thanks Rémi for the feedback and the idea :+1: