Test Results > display Tags per result & selected subsets by Status be Searchable by Tags


Dear Hiptest and Community,

As Test Manager, I find it difficult to prepare quick business level reports from execution results in Test Runs.
We mark:

  1. Failed TCs with Jira or Asana Tags, at test execution level, for tracking.
  2. all Scenarios have impact/priority rating. (High/Medium/Low), that carry over being visible in execution

If Test Result selected subset, ex. Failed, could:

  1. display Tags from Execution level; and
  2. subset be searchable by Tags, ex. how many were Failed & High, Failed & Medium etc.
    That would be perfect.
    I know you are working on restoring Tags to Scenario view, could you please extend to Test Results?

As visible below, with 50+ fails and 50 Skipped to be reviewed by Test Manager, it becomes unusable!
Thank you.


I agree, I’ve been having a very hard time doing test case reviews based on tagged tests during a test run. I need to be able to filter a test run by a tag (not just search for a tag)


@ps1, have you got the response from Hiptest? because I’m expecting the same thing where I can see tags for executed test cases on Test result page like currently displayed on Test Scenario page.

We’re using tags as JIRA id for failed test scenarios in test result, so if I want to see howmany defects I’ve reported, then I can’t have that report other than searching by Tags.

@ps1 Please let me know if you found other way to achieve this requirement.


Hi @ps1, @angell.tsang and @dvala,

Sorry for this late response, it’s a very useful suggestion :clap:

We understand your need and already did propose it to our PO!

Currently, we have registered the development of the filtering and tag search functionality in our backlog.

Thanks all for your feedback and we’ll keep you informed ASAP :slight_smile: