Test Results > display Tags per result & selected subsets by Status be Searchable by Tags


Dear Hiptest and Community,

As Test Manager, I find it difficult to prepare quick business level reports from execution results in Test Runs.
We mark:

  1. Failed TCs with Jira or Asana Tags, at test execution level, for tracking.
  2. all Scenarios have impact/priority rating. (High/Medium/Low), that carry over being visible in execution

If Test Result selected subset, ex. Failed, could:

  1. display Tags from Execution level; and
  2. subset be searchable by Tags, ex. how many were Failed & High, Failed & Medium etc.
    That would be perfect.
    I know you are working on restoring Tags to Scenario view, could you please extend to Test Results?

As visible below, with 50+ fails and 50 Skipped to be reviewed by Test Manager, it becomes unusable!
Thank you.