Test run status and bulk action



When I add a scenario with some dataset on a test run, each dataset must be managed one by one:

  • For removing them from a test run,
  • For changing execution status (set to retest for example)

Is it possible to add bulk action to remove/change status on several dataset (or entire scenario) ?

Is it possible to do this from testrun result view ?

Thanks a lot !

Best regard,
Eric Leconte.


Hello Eric,

The bulk actions on tests is already planned in our backlog. Please find here the link to the Trello card: https://trello.com/c/C2SodNHi/34-bulk-actions-on-tests-folders-add-result-assign-to-manage-tags-delete

I invite you to upvote for it.

Thank you for your feedback,


Thanks a lot !

I vote.