Test Scenarios - Revision History

I am trying to determine the full value of this feature, and, of course, may be missing something but in determining what value this may add I have established that Revision history becomes visible as soon as a change is made to a Test Scenario which is great, however, it only appears to be providing minimal information of which is of minimal benefit

It appears to only show:-

User who made change
Date & time of change
The great value in my opinion would be to see what the change was that actually occurred – is there a way to see that / am I missing something blindingly obvious?
If not, is there a plan to add this to a future release please?

Hey Graeme!

The Revision history feature make you able to follow all the updates of Hiptest item (scenario, folder and so on).
It is indeed quite minimal for now, but we have plan to enhance it with:

  • As you say, giving more details about the changes (an actual diff)
  • Getting back to a previous version of the item (as you can see in our public backlog)

Thank you for your suggestions :slight_smile: