Test step result in a test snapshot via the api


Hello, we have an automated suite written in spock, and currently we have the ability to add pass/failed/skipped results test snapshots in a test run via https://api-doc.hiptest.com/#add-a-test-execution-result. I am wondering if there can be functionality added to include the step definitions in the results, as well as attaching screenshots. In the current reporter html file we can read in the test steps and post back the step at which the test failed. Please let me know and thanks!


Hi @nicholas.wisnewski,

If I understand right, you want to view the step definitions for each test result? If not can you give me more precision please?

Regarding the addition of attachment, our team has added this feature request in our backlog. You can find here the corresponding Trello card, please upvote for it to increase its priority in our production.

Thanks in advance!