There is no generating UID while i run behave python


Hi. Now i have problem with hiptest-publisher and behave
When i run “>behave --tags=@run_group-5 --junit”
then i get junit report, and i upload it with command
hiptest-publisher --config-file C:\beh\behave.conf --push “C:\beh\test*” --test-run-id ******

in the behave.conf i have this settings

language = ‘python’
output_directory = ‘./features/’
push_format = junit
step_definitions_output_directory = ‘./features/steps’
actionwords_output_directory = ‘./features/steps’

but i have result

E:\Repos\hps-behave>hiptest-publisher --config-file C:\beh\behave.conf --push E:\Repos\test_rover6\reports*.xml --test-run-id 276452
[v] Posting E:/Repos/test_rover6/reports/TESTS-languages.user_can_manually_switch_interface_language.xml to
[v] No tests imported
Possible causes for the lack of imported tests:

  • Did you run the following command before executing your tests?
    hiptest-publisher --config=C:\beh\behave.conf --test-run-id=xxxxx --without=actionwords

  • Did you specify the correct push format?
    Use push_format= in your config file or option --push-format= in the command line
    Available formats are: cucumber-json, junit, nunit, robot, tap

What is the problem, why i couldnt upload results?

XML report seems like this

<testsuite errors="0" failures="0" hostname="DESKTOP-JD6D8NB" name="languages.user_can_manually_switch_interface_language.User can manually switch interface language" skipped="0" tests="2" time="28.626067" timestamp="2019-07-22T16:13:28.070037"><testcase classname="languages.user_can_manually_switch_interface_language.User can manually switch interface language" name="Interface language is switched after choosing new language () -- @1.1 " status="passed" time="13.203721"><system-out>


Additionaly, as i know in the report i must have UID, but there isnt here, why?



Before generating and pushing your report file, you should to run this above command line to fetch UIDs in each one of your scenario contained in your test run:

hiptest-publisher --config=C:\beh\behave.conf --test-run-id=276452 --without=actionword

I let you execute this one before generating your XML report file and check if you have UIDs in your features :slight_smile:


Im sorry, but its no work. I haven’t uid for each test after this command. This command only upload actionwords. I have no other changes after execution


okay, may you send me your hiptest-publisher config file (behave.conf) to please?