Use actionword with fre_text or datatable parameter



I have some actionwords defined with free_text or datatable parameter : When I add them on a scenario, I expect that the free_text or datatable blocs are displayed (with default value ?) but I must add them manualy.

This will be more userfriendly for other users who don’t need to find the type of parameter required.

Thanks a lot !

Best regards,
Eric Leconte.


Hello Eric,

I understand your need! One of the reasons why we haven’t decided to add automatically the free_text and datatable parameter to the action word every time it’s called, is that would burden the UI. I admit that this is the first time we had a feedback about this.

We’ll not miss to discuss your proposition at our next product meeting.

As this topic is public and shared with the Hiptest community, if this functionality interests other users, please reply to this topic!

Thank you,



Hi Fatima,

I understand but, i think this y a mandatory field in most cases. Not ?
Does have a sens to write an actionword with an empty free_text or datatable ?

Bests regards,
Eric Leconte.