Website navigation - menu options


Hello. I’m new to hiptest, and I’m trying to simplify the steps so I can reuse what I write.

Imagine I need no navigate a Menu. In my mind, I’ll do something like this:

given ‘current page’
when ‘menu ${menu} is clicket’
then ‘the ${menu} page is loaded’

and the datatable ${menu} would receive all the menu flows I need.
Save | File > Save
Save as | File > Save as…

But when generating the test runs, a test is generated for every line of the datatable.
Is there a way to select only the datatable line I want?

Or in other way, maybe using parameters with all the flows, but I don’t have the option to select the parameter I want to enable for that step.

Is there an alternative to having to create an action word for every menu option?

EDIT: My background is test automation, I might not yet getting to the correct mindset.
EDIT: Maybe use the folder system to simulate the menu navigation might be an option.




I’m not sure to understand your point. Would you like generate many action words for each menu? It is not possible, Hiptest does not allow to generate action words.

Datatable does not allow to generate action words, it allows to instantiate a scenario in many tests for each dataset. You can find here more documentation about datatable.

I guess you want factorize the menu navigation. Action words allow to factorize your scenario. Find out more about action word here. For that, I suggest you to create one action word called I navigate to “menu” menu that contains the menu parameter:

This action word contains the 3 steps to navigate to a menu.

So, now, you can use this action word into your scenarios. Here is an example with a scenario that uses many times this action word to navigate to many menus:

This scenario does not need to use datatable. This scenario will give this test :

So as the action word I navigate to “menu” menu is called 3 times in this scenario, you can see its test contains 3 times its steps.

Is that help you?




Thanks for your reply, I’ll give it a go.