When creating a Jira ticket, add Scenario steps to the description


When investigating/fixing a bug ticket, developers need to know the ‘steps to reproduce’ the error being reported.
So, when creating the Jira Bug from HipTest, simply copying in the scenario steps to the description field would be very helpful.

Ideally, the text would also indicate which step(s) failed.

It would also be good to have an option to include the attached files in the Jira ticket. Or a least a way for the Jira user to navigate quickly to the HipTest execution to look at them - perhaps a simple hyperlink. (btw, right now, new Bug ticket is not even linked to the User Story, so getting back tot he execution will be impossible)


Hello Eric,

We understand you request but we leave the freedom to our users to describe their own definition when they create Jira issues. That said (and maybe you already know about it), you have the possibility to add your scenario’s steps in the definition of your Jira issue:

  1. Connect your HipTest project to your Jira account (please watch this short video which illustrates this connection)
  2. Choose your scenario, click to ‘Raw version’ option, copy your steps of scenario.
    Then click to the tree points icon option (in the top right of your screen) to select ‘Create Jira issue’.
    From the opened popup, select the Jira issue type (task, bug, story, epic), paste the steps to the Jira issue definition and synchronize your concerned test run.
    The tag added in your scenario is a link which allow you switch to your Jira account, as shows you this short video.
  3. In your Jira account, choose your project and visualize your issues which created from your Hiptest project.
    You have a linkage with this Jira issues and your tests in its proposed options.
    If you want to show the correspondence between issues and tests, click to the ‘Report’ section and choose ‘Hiptest traceability matrix’ as illustrate you this short video. Here, you can see status of you tests results and switch easily to HipTest.

Regarding the addition of attachments to the created Jira issue from Hiptest, this feature request is not yet registered in our backlog. That’s sound interesting :+1:, we will discuss it at our next product meeting.

Is this explanation explicit enough or would you like more details about it?

Hope this meets to your expectations.

Kind regards,