Whole row of dataset as results in teststep



Lets say i have a Dataset in the datatable called “Dataset A” with 10 Columns each with a string.

Is it possible to call this row as a result in the testsstep, so that i dont have to manually add every single column in the teststep? (maybe as "then = “Datasetrow #1”)
the output then would say
Given Llorem Ipsum
Then A1
Then A2
Then A3
Then A4
…etc…till A10

If its not possible… will it be or am i missing something that this cant be a thing?

Kind regards!



Unfortunately this option isn’t available. Maybe we can suggest you a workaround but we need more details about your use case :slight_smile:



Hey Houda,
thank you for your reply!

The use case is:
We have different functions that can result in different inputfields on a site.
So in order to test if every necessary Inputfield is there we created a datatable accordingly to the function.

So the datatable looks like this:
Datasetname | Column 1 | Column 2 | Column 3 | Column 4 | …
Function 1 | Inputfield A | Inputfield C | Inputfield D | Inputfield F | …
Function 2 | Inputfield A | Inputfield B | Inputfield E | Inputfield X | …

So the test would be for Function 1
Given Function are enabled
then Inputfield A
then Inputfield C
then Inputfield D
then Inputfield F
… etc.

And for Function 2: the inputs A,B, E and X


Hi @gastromatic,

Unfortunately this feature isn’t available and we can’t suggest you a workaround :pensive: